The Graduate Management Admission Council Selects Four New Business Schools for Membership


The Economic & Humanitarian Catastrophe Threatening Pacific Island Communities

Credit: The Pacific Community – Sustainable Pacific Development Through Science, Knowledge & Innovation By Thalif DeenUNITED NATIONS, Dec 9 2019 – When UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addressed the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) last month, he pointed out the dramatic impact of climate change triggering natural disasters around the world— […]

Social Summit Demands Stronger Commitments in Climate Talks

One of the continuous protests staged at the Social Summit for Climate Action, meeting Dec. 7-13 parallel to the official 25th Conference of the Parties (COP25) on climate change. The Summit, hosted by the Complutense University of Madrid, is tackling issues such as the controversial trading of carbon credits, human rights in the climate struggle […]

Fostering Sustainable Urbanization and Mutually Beneficial Rural-Urban Linkages for Inclusive and Sustainable Development in Rural and Urban Areas

Karim Hussein (Senior International Development Specialist and Strategic Advisor) David Suttie (International Fund for Agricultural Development) By Karim Hussein and David SuttieROME and ACCRA, Dec 9 2019 – As urbanization continues apace, coupled with rapid population growth and rural to urban migration, the challenges for inclusive rural transformation continue, and the importance of fostering improved […]

Climate Refugees Refused UN Protection & Denied Rights Under International Law

Credit: UNHCR By Miles YoungMADRID, Spain, Dec 9 2019 – The term “environmental refugee” has gained prominence in recent years as climate change and desertification have threatened the livelihoods of millions of people, causing many to re-locate. Despite the growing use of the term, there is no universally accepted definition for “environmental refugee”. The United […]

Children Risk Early Marriage: Climate Change One of the Factors

Credit: United Nations By Nayema NusratUNITED NATIONS, Dec 9 2019 – Filomena (15), a fisherman’s daughter from a village in Nampula Province, Mozambique was married to a 21-year-old from the same village. Although her father, Antonio (50) felt that she was still too young to marry, it was very difficult for him to pass up […]

Building a Leprosy Free Bangladesh

Saved Seeds are Seeds of Resilience

Farmers planting sweet potato seedlings at the Seed Savers Bene Bank. Credit: Seed Savers. By Nout van der VaartRotterdam/The Hague, Dec 9 2019 – People have a right to define their own food system. This includes which seeds they use. Last week, farmers in Nakuru County, Kenya, celebrated the launch of “Ten rich, underutilized crops,” […]

Hawk Security Limited began selling a hardware-protected external SSD drive with AES 256 XTS military grade encryption


Forced to Flee. Displaced with a Dream. Time for Action.

By Yasmine SherifUNITED NATIONS, Dec 6 2019 – Genesis smiles and holds her hand up proudly to answer questions in class. She claps her hands in support of her classmates when they answer the teachers’ questions correctly. “I miss my cousins and aunts in Venezuela, she says.” Her smile fades and her lips tighten. She […]

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