How to Make Nutritious Food Affordable for the 1 Billion Africans

The UN estimates that 74% of Africans cannot afford healthy diets. That is nearly 1 billion Africans. Credit: Busani Bafana/IPS By Dr Lawrence Haddad and Josefa Leonel Correia SackoADDIS ABABA, Sep 28 2020 – One of the biggest revelations of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that people with pre-existing, diet-related conditions such as obesity, heart […]

Q&A: How Fast Fashion Sits at the Crucial Intersection of Environmental & Gender Justice

Fast fashion consumes vast resources, often polluting and devastating the natural world. Pictured here are garment workers in Bangladesh. Credit: Obaidul Arif/IPS By Samira SadequeUNITED NATIONS, Sep 28 2020 – Racism “keeps the global north oblivious to the effect of fast fashion addiction on the global south” say environmental and gender justice experts. Organisers and […]

Judgment Free Online Platform Key to Helping Suicidal People, Says Survivor

A suicide survivor shares her story of how an online community helped her overcome anxiety and depression. Credit: Unsplash / Dan M By Fairuz AhmedNEW YORK, Sep 28 2020 – Romana Hoque had it all, a comfortable life, a happy family. Despite this, the 43-year-old second-generation immigrant from Indonesia living in the United States was […]

30th anniversary of World Summit for Children – Today Children Need a New Initiative

Today when children are under serious threat from Covid-19, the 30th anniversary of the Children’s Summit is a highly appropriate time for countries to renew and update the vows they made then. Credit: Manipadma Jena/IPS By Richard JollyBRIGHTON, United Kingdom, Sep 28 2020 – On the eve of the UN’s 75th anniversary, Antonio Guterres, the […]

No More Excuses – Time for Global Economic Solutions

Civil society protest during the 3rd UN Financing for Development Summit in Addis Ababa in 2015. Credit: Civil Society FfD Group By Tove Maria Ryding, Pooja Rangaprasad and Emilia ReyesNEW YORK, Sep 28 2020 – On 29 September, the world’s heads of state will come together (virtually) at an extraordinary meeting to discuss financing for […]

Congolese ‘Kings’ of Art on Exhibition in Paris

The show “Kings of Kin” – brings together the work of Chéri Samba (pictured above), Bodys Isek Kingelez and Moké, known affectionately as the kings of Kinshasa, as their art is closely linked with the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, their home and work base. Credit: AD McKenzie By SWANPARIS, Sep 28 […]

‘Leave No one Behind’: How Inclusive is World Leaders’ Call to Climate Action?

How inclusive is activism and discussions on climate change? Most environmental movements and organisations in the United States and Europe are primarily white and middle class, and hold vast amount of resources and set the agenda for policy work and ecosystem recovery. This dated photo shows a landslide in central Kenya that resulted after intense […]

#TurnItAround: One Week to Mobilize for the Future

Credit: Forus International By Pénélope HubertPARIS, Sep 25 2020 – The year 2020 will most certainly mark a critical moment for the planet and future mobilizations. In a society shaken by Covid-19, people are gathering, regrouping and acting collectively for a sustainable world, an egalitarian future, and for global awareness on the climate emergency. Activists […]

Ecology is Economy – ‘We Need an Integrated Approach Between Lives and Livelihoods’

Forest restoration and rewilding must take centre stage, through programmes that also provide for community incomes. | Picture courtesy: Balipara Foundation By Ranjit BarthakurGUWAHATI, India, Sep 25 2020 – We usually think of livelihoods and lives separately, however, it is now time to imagine a more integrated approach. Consider these statistics: The 2019 UN-IPBES report—the […]

Intercontinental Energy Forum to Discuss Post-Covid Challenges

One of the largest photovoltaic installations in Central America, with 320,000 solar panels, located in the center of El Salvador. Latin American countries are betting on solar energy as the central pillar of the energy transition, reinforced by the commitments made in the Paris Agreement on climate change. Credit: Edgardo Ayala / IPS. By Emilio […]

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