The Hammer of Justice for Sexual Assault Victims Must Be Swift, Loud and Consistent

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By Siddharth ChatterjeeNAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 14 2020 – Every year Valentines Day is celebrated with great relish & celebration. People show their affection for another person or people by sending cards, flowers or chocolates with messages of love. But there is a tragic dark side which stays in the shadows, when considering violence against women, […]

Why Paraguay Can Be a “Beacon State” for Forest Management

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Credit: UNDP, Paraguay By Achim Steiner, Inger Andersen and Qu DongyuASUNCION, Paraguay, Feb 14 2020 – Imagine a forest that covered half of your entire country. A biodiverse forest which supports thousands of species from giant anteaters to armadillos to jaguars. A forest that is home to one the world’s last uncontacted tribes.1 That forest […]

Amplifying Voices of Climate Activists of Color

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Ranton Anjain, 17, from the Marshall Islands, speaks at a press conference announcing a collective action being taken on behalf of young people facing the impacts of the climate crisis. UNICEF/Radhika Chalasani By Esther NgumbiILLINOIS, United States, Feb 14 2020 – Recently, the Associated Press cropped out Ugandan climate change activist Vanessa Nakate from a […]

Desert Locusts Invade East Africa

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Credit: Harald Matern from Pixabay. By Nelson Mandela OgemaNAIROBI, Feb 14 2020 – Widespread hatching and movement of destructive desert locusts will turn into a full-blown crisis in the coming weeks in East Africa and neighbouring countries, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization warns. “Breeding continues in the Horn of Africa, which will cause locusts […]

From Cocoa to Chocolate, Made With Love in Africa

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Diogo Vaz, a company in the idyllic island of Sao Tome and Principe in West Africa, is producing organic luxury chocolate from rare cocoa varieties. Courtesy: Diogo Vaz By Busani BafanaBULAWAYO, Feb 14 2020 (IPS) A premium chocolate maker in São Tomé and Príncipe is on a drive to promote the taste for “made in Africa” […]

Flywire Acquires Simplee to Transform Healthcare Payments Experience

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Nyxoah raises €25 million in private funding round

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Jacada Broadens Hyperautomation and Actionable Intelligence with Interact 12 Release

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Restoring Competition in ”Winner-took-All” Digital Platform Markets

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By Ebru Gokce DessemondGENEVA, Feb 13 2020 – Digital platforms are at the centre of the global economy and daily lives of consumers. A handful of these platforms have become dominant in specific markets without facing meaningful competition. They include Amazon as a marketplace, Facebook in social networking, Google in search engines and Apple and […]

Internet Needs New Global Regulations Against Online Sexual Exploitation

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By Tsitsi MatekaireLONDON, Feb 13 2020 – Online sexual exploitation is a global epidemic that is increasing at an alarming rate. At any one time, 750,000 individuals across the world are looking to connect with children and young people online for sexual exploitation. The expansion of the Internet, advances in information and communications technologies (ICTs), […]

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